Bright & Early: Welcome To August Edition

Good morning, Nashville. We realized while driving to work this morning that not only is today the first day of August, but next week is also the last week we won’t have to drive through eleven school zones on the way to the interstate. While we might complain about the inconvenience on our commute, several hundred low-income schoolchildren get to go on a back-to-school shopping spree, courtesy of Walmart and Youth Encouragement Services. That’s one way to make going back to school at the beginning of August more exciting. 

  • The cabbies revolt. After weeks of petitions, strikes and protests, the taxi drivers in Nashville are now taking steps toward being recognized as a formal union. We’d be on strike too, if we made $2.02 an hour. Pony up, Allied Cab. 
  • Blogger drama. Political Salsa blogger Tim Chavez is calling out the Nashville Scene on their “Ask a Mexican” column and logo, which features a cartoon Hispanic man with a gold tooth. He claims that it’s racist, and they’ve got an attitude about it, as usual. Honestly, we wondered why no one had said anything sooner. 
  • Bits & pieces. Undercover officers buy cocaine from a barbershop in LaVergne … 400 more state employees need to agree to a buyout … Williamson county voters have 8 candidates to choose from when they vote for sheriff this week … The Sounds have won twice in a row from the road for the first time since the beginning of July (happy August). 
Photo by practicalowl


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