Bright & Early: Doing The Heat Wave Edition

Good morning, Nashville. We hope you had a great weekend whether you were out playing in the slime, shooting movies around the clock, or holed up in your house avoiding the smog. It’s going to be pretty toasty out there today, and by “toasty” we mean we’re probably looking at the hottest day of the year thus far. The actual temperature will reach close to 100 with the heat index hovering around 105 to 110. So take it easy and find some A/C to get you though your Monday. After today, we should be seeing some less ridiculous weather.

  • Rabid bats. The Metro Health Department has found some rabid bats in the Green Hills area. Add that to the Sylvan Park coyotes and the Antioch West Nile mosquitoes, and you’ve got a few really good reasons to keep a close eye on your pets this summer. Three infected cats have already been put down.
  • Wave of the future. MTSU is locking things down by starting to use hand scanners as part of their student identification system. The machines are only in the rec center but will probably be added to other areas of campus depending on how well they’re working.
  • Bits & pieces. Make A Wish is sending a Franklin teen with Hodgkins Lymphoma to Hawaii … Some guy in Cookeville was arrested for doing a 400-yard wheelie … 200 markers are missing from historical sites around Middle Tennessee, which sucks since they cost about $1000 a piece to replace … The mystery has been solved: The Sounds are losing because the sun is too bright.

Photo by morganplex.

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