BREAKING: If Nashvillest HQ Blows Up, We’re Doomed

4:10pm – Nashvillest is currently stationed at headquarters in Green Hills, where a series of electrical explosions in the past 20 minutes have left much of the area in the dark and/or on fire. If Nashvillest headquarters blows up, we’re going to be pissed. Against our better judgement, we’re weathering the storm (away from all windows and huddled under a mattress) because we can’t bear to leave such riveting action in the name of safety. More news as it develops. 

4:45pm – UPDATE: Green Hills mall without power (must be pretty miserable for those Apple fans waiting in line), lights on Hillsboro Road are out, bad traffic. Fire crews are working in the area. Of course, Hillsboro Road is always bad at rush hour.

5:02pm- UPDATE: Channel 2 reports 776 customers without power in Green Hills, fast food joint Krystal’s full of smoke on Hillsboro Road. 

6:38pm- UPDATE: Things have quieted down in Green Hills, but we still don’t have power. Oh noes!

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