Bright & Early: High Hopes Edition

Good morning, Nashville. It’s been quite the summer for drug busts around here. Yesterday in Lebanon, Wilson County Sheriff’s detectives seized 800 pounds of pot that had been smuggled in from Mexico. After digging around and staking out across the street, they actually saw the guys unloading the huge marijuana bales from a tractor before swooping in to make the bust. Impressive, but it’s got nothing on the 357,500 baby marijuana plants uncovered in East Tennessee last month.

  • Get well soon! The 12-year old girl who was shot in the head last week in LaVergne is still in the hospital, but she’s recovering like a champ. Her attacker, and 11-year old boy, is being charged with attempted second-degree murder after finding the gun in his parents’ room and taking it outside to show some friends.
  • Your tax dollars at work. If you’re a regular user of the Centennial Sportsplex, you may want to find another gym to get you through the summer. Strapped for cash (like everyone else these days), they’ve cut their hours considerably–they’re now opening at 6am instead of 5:30, and the pool will only be open 45 hours per week instead of the usual 72.
  • Bits & pieces. Watch out for the email lotto scam … Metro wants your tips about fraud, and they’re letting you remain anonymous … Volkswagon expected to decide where to put the new plant by July 15th. Best of luck to the ‘noog! … Metro Councilman John Griffith thinks he has the answer to homelessness … Stranded Fireworks Express passengers can now get their refunds by mail.

Photo by breezy69.

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