Free Music: Nashvillians Have The Right Idea

Like free music? is the brain child of several forward-thinking folks in the Nashville music industry who are seeking to change the way music reaches fans. 

Does anyone remember Local artist Derek Webb gave away over 80,000 copies of his CD “Mockingbird,” and in return fans told a handful of friends about the site. The same concept applies to Noisetrade, with a twist: Fans can opt to tell friends and get the music for free, or they can choose to pay whatever they want. That’s right – whatever they want. 

“Who needs peer-to-peer when you can have artist-to-fan?” Derek concludes, “If artists and fans realized how they could help each other and started making direct connections, without a middleman, the whole industry would change overnight. It would start a revolution.” 

Check out over the next few days and weeks as artists join the revolution. Their official launch is tomorrow, but they are already hosting music from locals Sandra McCracken, Matthew Perryman Jones, Katie Herzig, Alli Rogers and of course, co-founder Derek Webb. 

Another sweet bonus, Paste Magazine has partnered with Noisetrade around the same concept – a pay what you want magazine subscription. If this is the way of the future, we’re on board. 

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