Bright & Early: Those Were The Days Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Unless you’re really, really new to town, you probably remember seeing at least one big show come through the Starwood Amphitheatre out in Antioch. We were all pretty sad to hear the news that it was shutting down last February and some did their best to save it, but the land was snatched up by Vastland Realty who never really announced what they were going to do with it. The City Paper reports that they’re about to turn it into a mixed-use development with mostly commercial use and about 250 condominiums. Though the plans have already been approved, the folks in Antioch are none too happy about it and still sort of bitter about losing Starwood.

  • If it ain’t broke. Metro School officials met with members of the public today about the rezoning efforts that everyone’s saying will segregate some schools and shut down others that seem to be working well. The meeting left a lot of unanswered questions that officials say they plan to consider while they work on the final plan to be presented in a few weeks.
  • Sharpest crayon in the box. Two guys out in Lebanon brought a 5-year old kid to a drug deal and were charged with child neglect. The best part of the situation is that when police pulled them over, they admitted they’d just bought crack but were “dismayed” when police tested the substance and found that it had no cocaine in it at all. Bummer!
  • Bits & pieces. Gov. Bredesen has to testify at former TN Sen. John Ford’s “Tennessee Waltz” trial in Nashville … There’s a giant bear wandering around in Oak Ridge … Don’t breathe! Air quality alert today … The Sounds lost again.

Photo by zpinkster.

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