Good News For Geeks: At Least You’re Getting Paid

All Nashvillest love goes out to our local techies & geeks. Today’s “Cybercities” report from the American Electronics Association wields a double-edged sword for those in technological occupations, depending on how you look at it. We try to look on the bright side.

Bright side #1: We made the list at #49 (out of 60).
Bright side #2: We topped the list with the highest percent increase in tech-related wages at 10% (and came in 48th for the average value of our high-tech paychecks).
Bright side #3: We created 100 new tech jobs for the year of the report, 2006 (but Seattle slaughtered us from the top of the list with 7,800 new tech jobs – we came in 49th).

That 10% average wage increase in 2006 left us trailing only 20% behind the national average. Not such great news, but at least we’re getting paid.

Photo source here.