Happy Hour: Poor Choices Edition

  • Titans middle linebacker Ryan Fowler may be suspended for a few games due to alleged steroid usage. Looks like it’s not just baseball players after all. [City Paper]
  • The numbers say that CMA was a success this year, with average daily attendance hovering around 52,000. Last year’s was 48,000. We feel pretty sure that had to help fill up your bingo cards. [Tennessean]
  • We’re not sure who wants to blow up what, but police found some homemade explosives around the Old Hickory dam, and a military-grade rocket was found on a golf course in Jackson. [WKRN & WTVF]
  • The first week of June was the hottest it’s been in 60 years. We knew it was hot outside, but we didn’t know it was that hot. We’re hoping for some storms tonight to cool things down a little bit. [WSMV]

Photo by worldtoashes.