Bright & Early: Coast Is Clear Edition

Good morning, Nashville. It’s Monday again and we’re yawning with you. The good news is that we’ve made it through CMApocalypse 2008 and we’ve got an entire year to put our town back together before it starts all over again in 2009. And because everything looks better in retrospect, don’t forget to toss your best tourist shots into our Flickr pool so we can all chuckle reminisce later. Not that we don’t enjoy a good traffic jam every once in a while, but we’re ready to come out of hiding and get things back to normal. Unfortunately, gas finally hit $4 here over the weekend, so we doubt we’ll actually be going anywhere that we can’t walk or peddle to.

  • We’re broke. A report from the National Bankruptcy Research Center says that Tennessee has the highest rate of bankruptcy in the country with 1 in 56 households declaring bankruptcy in the last year. We’re wondering if Boots counts towards that total. On a happier note, at least our teeth are clean! (Thanks for the tip, Darryl!)
  • Don’t mess with mom. An 18-year old pregnant Murfreesboro woman made our weekend when we heard about her frightening off some men who broke into her house. When she heard them kick in her door, she totally grabbed a shotgun and snuck up behind them, no doubt scaring the bejesus out of them, and they ran away. You go girl.
  • Bits & pieces. Don’t eat the tomatoes … Child drowns in Donelson YMCA pool … Tennessee joins the online organ donation registry … The Tennessean apparently loves boxed wineToll roads may be in our future.

Photo by ryan2013.

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