Preds Chairman Throws “Boots” Under A Bus

Earlier tonight, Preds Chairman David Freeman finally issued a statement in response to William “Boots” Del Biaggio’s bankruptcy woes. Boots has had a rough week after being slapped with three enormous lawsuits and a federal investigation, and we were worried because he owns almost a third of our precious Preds. Anyway, the gist:

“Here’s the bottom line for the citizens of Nashville and fans of the Predators: regardless of how many lawsuits are filed against Mr. Del Biaggio, regardless of the amounts of the claims, regardless of the details of the allegations, Mr. Del Biaggio’s problems are personal. Mr. Del Biaggio is a minority owner. His minority ownership stake and its final disposition will not impact operation of the club. It is my hope and anticipation that the club will be even stronger once this saga reaches its logical conclusion and Mr. Del Biaggio is no longer associated with the club.”

Whew! As long as they aren’t taking off to Canada anytime soon. Head over to the Preds’ official site for the entire statement.

Photo by Paul Nicholson.

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