Bright & Early: We Love Our Weatherman Edition

Good morning, Nashville. It’s going to be another hot one outside today. This edition of “Bright & Early” goes out to Channel 4 meteorologist Tim Ross, who made our morning by, well, just being Tim. After modeling one of the best ties in his collection thus far, he tells us just how “Wooooo!” glad he is to be on our computers with us this morning. Then he delivers the grim news of 94 degrees and muggy before sending some of our favorite country stars floating cheerfully across the screen to lift our spirits and remind us of what the real forecast is for the downtown area this weekend. Folgers aside, we’ve decided that Tim is definitely the best part of waking up.

  • Georgia on our minds. Recent reports show that Tennessee schools are on their way up as one of the most improved states in the country. We’re really proud of this, and would like to also point out that Georgia’s schools were among the six least improved. Maybe they should’ve spent less time trying to impose their tyrannical beerless rule upon Copperhill and almost starting civil wars and such.
  • Shutout. The Sounds shut out Albuquerque 2-0 yesterday after pitcher Derrick Turnbow’s completely stellar performance on the mound. Turnbow, whose ERA at the beginning of the season was a cringe-worthy 54.00 (how does that even happen?) lowered it to 8.14 with last night’s game well-pitched.
  • Bits & pieces. MTA reports an increase in public transportation use … Low-income workers and cabbies rally at City Hall Thursday … Metro aims to challenge students with new curriculum … More stores close at Bellevue Mall.