Bright & Early: Yes He Did Edition

Good morning, Nashville. It was a big night in politics last night, as Barack Obama pretty much clenched the Democratic nomination and became the first black man to ever do that. We say “pretty much” because everyone seems to be acknowledging it except Hillary. Even McCain spoke of her in the past tense which didn’t really surprise us after he left her out of his presentation entirely at the Ryman on Monday. Anyway, rest assured that Tennessee Democrats are hanging out at Swett’s Restaurant at this very moment listening to Governor Bredesen’s sure-to-be-interesting lecture on party unity. We wonder if they’re handing out those creepy Bush masks there, too.

  • Passing the hat. In the spirit of election coverage, our favorite blogging state lawmaker Stacey “The Rep” Campfield has resorted to ye olde internet panhandle since he isn’t accepting PAC or corporate donations right now. So if you’d like to contribute to his campaign, you can head over to his blog and, you know, Paypal it.
  • Accident at ‘Montana’ filming. An accident on the Hannah Montana set sent a projection screen barreling into a group of extras on a ferris wheel in Rutherford County. We’re glad to hear no one was hurt, but we’re guessing the footage won’t be making it onto the gag reel.
  • As MTA turns. We’ve talked a little bit about the city cutting 7 of the least-trafficked bus routes. Last night at the City Council meeting, many of Nashville’s residents fought back, pleading with council members not to eliminate the routes that are some people’s only form of transportation.
  • Bits & pieces. More coyote sightings in Sylvan Park … Murfreesboro residents may see a rise in water and sewage costs … We’re way excited to report that Hummers might soon be on their way out … In case you haven’t noticed, it’s supposed to be really hot and humid this week.

Photo by Daniella Zalcman.