Photo Of The Day: ‘Johnny’

One of our favorite things to see in our pool are portraits. After all, Nashville wouldn’t be Nashville without the people (and canines) that live here. Though we’ve all probably experienced that special kind of road rage from getting stuck behind a horse-drawn carriage downtown, we can’t help but love them. And we really can’t help but love Adam Douglas‘ capture of this guy and his dog who are just moseyin’ along and well, being Nashville.

Just a reminder: We’ve come across some great photos in the pool that we can’t use due to privacy settings that keep us from downloading or linking them. If you’d like to see your photos on Nashvillest, check your account settings under “Privacy & Permissions” and make sure you’ve set it to allow anyone or any Flickr user to download your photos. Keep up the great work!

Photo Of The Day will be a recurring feature for Nashvillest as long you keep giving us stuff to post. Don’t worry- We’ll give you props. Just add them to the pool or tag them with “Nashvillest” if you’re feeling lazy.