Take An “Urban Dare” And Hit The Streets This Saturday

Earlier this month we reported on the 3rd Annual Great Nashville Race, which took place on May 17. It seems that Amazing Race-esque scavenger hunts are all the rage this year, because Urban Dare is visiting us for the first time tomorrow. Started in 2005 by D.C. political consultant and adventure aficionado Kevin Keefe, Urban Dare has grown to include 19 cities this year. We’re pleased to be among the 19, and even though Nashvillest just found out, it seems plenty of people already knew. Over 40 teams have already signed up for Saturday’s adventure.

The rules are simple on purpose: No cars or bikes. You must use your feet or public transportation to get around, you must compete as a team of 2 (who then must stay together during the race), and you must pay the $90 entry fee. Ouch. You also must hit the streets with only a cell phone and a digital camera, better if it’s simply a camera phone. Urban Dare is “the race where smarts can beat speed.

If you’d like to register, you can do so here, or simply show up at 11am tomorrow at the Music City Walk Of Fame. The race starts at 12pm, if you have other plans for your $90 this weekend (we plan to ceremoniously pour it into our gas tank) but would still like to watch. Take some pictures for our Flickr pool and let us know what you think.

Photo by chrisafer.

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