Bright & Early: A Different Perspective Edition

Good morning, Nashville. We never thought we’d see the day when the Russians would be taking lessons from Tennessee about anything, and especially transportation planning. But Russian diplomats are, in fact, within our borders at this very moment meeting with TDOT about how they can improve their country’s road programs. Yesterday, they toured some of Nashville’s biggest construction projects. We just wish they could have gotten here in time to see the unfinished version of Briley Parkway. We’re also guessing they won’t be making a stop to see Indiana Jones.

  • Hinotes and Low Notes. A nasty Tuesday morning bicycle accident sent Nashville’s Deputy Mayor Greg Hinote to the hospital after breaking his hip. Hinote is Mayor Dean’s right-hand man and is expected to return to the office soon. He is also the former chief-of-staff to our own U.S. Representative Jim Cooper.
  • Free bus rides. Some employers are taking matters into their own hands to help us out with the rising cost of our commutes. Vanderbilt, Belmont, and state employees can now ride the bus for free. Metro Nashville employees may not be too far behind. Vanderbilt is the biggest primary employer in the Nashville area with almost 20,000 employees.
  • Bits & pieces. Metro schools will be making a few changes to the dress code next year … 16 people were shot and 3 people were stabbed over Memorial Day weekend in Nashville … Metro decides to cut advanced math and English classes for middle schoolers … 2008 has had the deadliest tornado season since 1998.

Photo by brandonjames.

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