Nashvillest Field Trip: East Nashville Farmer’s Market

Nashvillest took a field trip today to the grand opening of the East Nashville Farmer’s Market. Maybe we were expecting a bit more excitement, but it seemed a little on the small side. The masses of hula-hooping children were the entertainment for the afternoon, with a collection of tents and vendors in a small circle next to the Turnip Truck. Produce is limited this early in the season, so it was mostly greens, asparagus, and strawberries. One thing we noticed is that the East Nashville Farmer’s Market will be selling local dairy and meat, something that sets it apart from other similar community markets. Prices were average, a pint of strawberries about $5 and a pound of asparagus about $6. We plan on returning during the summer to see what different crops turn up.

All in all, the East Nashville Farmer’s Market is a great community gathering spot, but will only be able to supplement your weekly produce needs.

Photo by an0nym0usmuse.

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