Happy Hour: We’d Rather Be Outside

  • The Nashville Metro area was found by the American Heart Association to be the least heart-healthy “mega metro city” for women in the US. Are we seriously “mega?” [WTVF]
  • We figured the bus fare hike wouldn’t go by unnoticed: African-American advocacy group Power to the People filed a civil rights complaint against Nashville MTA, citing racial and socioeconomic discrimination. [City Paper]
  • A Memphis pastor handed out $30,000 to his congregation yesterday and told them to use it for random acts of kindness. [Tennessean]
  • Several major hotel groups are vying for the space attached to the new convention center. That means we could even get our very own Peabody ducks, which would bring us one step closer to being cooler than Memphis. [City Paper]

Photo by Sammy8146.

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