The Ren Fest Isn’t Over ‘Till The Pirates Invade

We weren’t sure if we should cover the Tennessee Renaissance Festival this year, since Nashvillest launched in the second to last week of this year’s events. Our friends at Twitter were disappointed that we didn’t cover this weekend, and to be honest, we were disappointed too. Because Family Weekend and Romance Weekend are fine & dandy, but this weekend just happens to be Pirate Invasion Weekend. If Nashvillest were going to the TN Ren Fest, it would definitely be for this. What makes it even better is that the pirates invading the Ren Fest tomorrow will be playing Robin Hood, bringing a bounty of canned goods for the Second Harvest Food Bank. So dig out your eye patches, parrots, and canned peas and get suited up for the trip to Murfreesboro tomorrow or Sunday. Next week is the last week of the Ren Fest (sniff, sniff) so if you’re planning on checking it out, we recommend that you do it soon.

Tickets are $18 for one day or $32 for a weekend pass. Hours are 10am-6pm, rain or shine.

Photo borrowed from Flickr user intelf‘s gallery of the 2006 Ohio Renaissance Festival.

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