Bright & Early: Let’s Talk About Bible Park Edition

Good morning, Nashville. This edition goes out to our Rutherford Co. readers who have our deepest sympathies because they might end up with some sort of tacky Bible theme park in their neighborhood. From what we hear, most people seem to think it’s a bad idea including Nashville Is Talking, whose colorful exposé last week caught our attention. The planning commission met last night to vote on it and as of press time, we’re not sure what went down. WTVF and the Tennessean both packed up and left the meeting around 10:30pm, which is why we have nothing to report. Maybe someone can fill us in this morning.

  • We’re not in Kansas anymore. Channel 4 looked at 50 years’ worth of data and determined that our very own Davidson Co. is the most tornado-ridden county in all of Middle Tennessee, with Sumner and Rutherford coming in at a close second. Duck and cover, y’all.
  • Speaking of tornadoes. Union University is finally rebuilding its dorms after a tornado tore through the campus back in February. Students have been leaving messages on the concrete floor before the carpet is laid over it to remember the destruction. 51 students wound up in the hospital after the Feb. 5th twister, but none were seriously injured.
  • Bits & Pieces. Nashville mom sends care packages to Chinese kids who lost parents in the this week’s earthquake … If you ate at Jonathan’s Grille on Nolensville last weekend, you may want to check your credit card statements … Spring Hill’s property tax might be making a comeback … Hats off to the Sounds, who actually won last night.

Photo by wilonstott.

Update: WTVF is saying that Rutherford Co. shot down Bible Park 12-9, so we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Apparently the developers can reapply, but they’d have to wait a few months.

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