Happy Hour: That Is Messed Up

  • Williamson County’s got rabies. Well, at least one critter does. Police confirmed a case of rabies in a skunk near the College Grove area. If you’re out in Williamson, it may be a good idea to pull your pets inside until we hear more. [WTVF]
  • The U.S. Department of Justice is looking into Metro City Council’s decision to exclude rehab centers from certain zoning districts around town, forcing one center–Teen Challenge–to close its doors. There’s talk of a nasty lawsuit brewing, but the Metro’s legal council has advised them to stay the course. [City Paper]
  • Remember when we said we weren’t sure what the Alternative High School Initiative was? City Paper has a pretty thorough explanation of it. It looks neat, but probably not neat enough to save Metro Public Schools from The Giant Claws of Death (you know, the state government takeover.) [City Paper]
  • We hate to leave you with this one, but we just couldn’t resist: WKRN is reporting that some Nashville neighborhood has been overrun by “rats, feces.” Gross! Good news is, we found a new (for us) blog! From WKRN, we bring you That Is Messed Up. [WKRN]

Photo by crudbud.

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