Nashvillest Has Friends!

We at Nashvillest would love to send a HUGE ‘thank you‘ to our friends at Music City Bloggers and Nashville is Talking for sending traffic our way. Also, Chris Wage and Aunt B., two of our favorite Nashville bloggers, and our new Twitter friends (especially Jeffrey Davis for Stumbling us) and Flickr contributors–we love you guys, too. A special thanks to David Cintron who got us set up and knows more about computers and the internets than we do, and to Levi Kennedy for donating the server space. Nashvillest sure has friends in high places, and we could use all the help we can get.

Speaking of help, we’ve mentioned it before, but we’re in real need of some folks who love sports since we don’t know much about that. Sure, we love us some fantasy flag football, but Nashville’s got plenty of other great teams that deserve more attention than we can give them. We’re sort of in the same situation with food. We like to eat as much as the next people, but we miss a lot. So if any of that tickles your fancy and you’d like to see yourself on Nashvillest, email us!

Anyway, we’re so excited about being a part of the Nashville blogging community and swapping stories with you guys in the months to come. If there’s anything we’re not doing or covering that you want to see here, let us know! Just leave us a comment or shoot us an email at

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