Are We “Young, Hip” Enough To Go Country?

CMT’s Gone Country is filming their season finale at the Wildhorse Saloon tomorrow, and they want you there for the taping – but only if you’re a hip, musically driven individual to really rock it out on the front lines.” Where do we send our headshots?

In all seriousness, it could be fun for the right “young, hip crowd… people with energy…” Sorry, we just couldn’t resist one last crack (we’re just jealous). If you self-identify with this description, arrive at the Wildhorse at 6:30pm tomorrow, May 14, for placement along the red carpet and in the “pit.” Red carpet reception begins filming at 7 and the concert is at 8:30. For your troubles, you will get to witness the following laundry list of celebrities as they attempt to debut an original country song:

Sebastian Bach (frontman of Skid Row), Mikalah Gordon (American Idol), Jermaine Jackson (Jackson 5), Chris Kirkpatrick (N’SYNC), Lorenzo Lamas (Renegade & Falcon Crest) and Sean Young (Blade Runner & Ace Ventura Pet Detective).

Chris from N’SYNC? We won’t pretend our inner 12 year old isn’t leaping at this opportunity. Maybe we’ll see you there after all.

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