What Exactly Is Nashvillest, Anyway?

The short answer: Nashvillest is for you.

The long answer: Nashvillest is for you, too.

In Nashville, we have it great. We’re a stone’s throw from Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Asheville, Birmingham, Indianapolis, Louisville, Cincinnati, St. Louis, even Chicago. We live in a vibrant and diverse city with no shortage of dining and entertainment options. Our city is rich with historical significance and quirky landmarks. Here at Nashvillest, we’re aiming high – We’re giving Nashville the respect it deserves. We’re more than just a city with deep country music roots – We’re bloggers, geeks, hipsters, zombies, sports fiends, actors, agriculturists, history buffs, artists, art enthusiasts, animal lovers, coffee drinkers, concertgoers, activists, parents, students, outdoor adventurers, marathon runners, music lovers, photographers, sushi eaters – and of course, musicians and tourists. And more.

Nashvillest is here to bridge the gap. Yes, we’ll be at the Twitter meetup (we’re huge Twitter geeks), but we’ll also be at the Sounds game and at Movies In The Park with our friends. We’ll also try the new Krayp Kafe and maybe swing by Fat Straw or Gigi’s Cupcakes for dessert, so we can give you a heads up on what to expect. And we’re going to let you know when everything happens, because we died a little inside when we heard about the presidential candidates coming to town… after they were gone. Our mission is to never let that happen again.

We told you we were aiming high.

Want to help? Nashvillest welcomes guest bloggers with open arms (we’re talking giant bear hugs, here). Right now, Nashvillest is just two people taking on a big task and hoping that Nashvillians will share with us along the way. We’re especially in need of good sports and food/drink coverage. Send submissions, questions, comments and complaints to tips@nashvillest.com. If you have an idea, we want to hear it!

Because we mean it when we say that Nashvillest is here for you.

Photo by paulnich.

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