A Guide To Nashville’s Politically-Neutral Yarn Shops

We’ve been watching this story float around the internet this week about a Facebook post from yarn store owner in Franklin who expressed some, er, strong opinions about women’s march participants, saying that knitters who supported the movement were not welcome to shop at her store. And you know what? It’s fine! She’s standing by her principles and we’re standing by ours: Turns out there are plenty of other small businesses around town that we can support for all of our yarn needs. We’ve got a few knitters here at Nashvillest, so we thought we’d throw together a list of local yarn shops we love:

  • Craft South – We’re pretty much in love with infinitely-Instagrammable craft mecca that is Craft South, and we’re huge fans of their many, many classes on everything from knitting to sewing to weaving and more. They also have a beautifully-curated selection of all the supplies you need to do all of those things, yarn included.
  • SmART Supplies – We can’t say enough great things about this place. Tucked away in a weird industrial corner of Woodbine, SmART is a veritable treasure trove of second-hand and upcycled craft supplies for dirt cheap (especially if you hit them during a basket sale!) The best part? Proceeds benefit Progress, Inc., a local nonprofit for adults with intellectual disabilities, many of whom are also employed with SmART. Plus, you can donate all of your old craft supplies to clear your closet and help the cause. It’s a win for everybody.
  • Haus of Yarn – For your fancier yarn needs, we’d put Haus of Yarn’s stellar selection up against any high-end yarn store any day of the week. They also carry some truly gorgeous fiber arts supplies and accessories, and are one of the few and proud Fringe Supply Co. stockists in the world.
  • Nutmeg Fibers – We definitely miss Nutmeg’s adorable brick & mortar storefront near Five Points, but we’ve loved watching them grow and expand and pop up at highish-end yarn dealers like Brooklyn General Store up in New York. The yarn is all made and dyed right here in East Nashville, so we still consider Nutmeg something of a hometown hero.

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!

Photo by rumielf.