The Loop: Week of January 16th, 2017

Picks for this week:

  • All Week Long! Civil Rights Tour – So today is MLK Day! Do you know Nashville’s role in the Civil Rights movement? Brush up on the past and blow your friend’s minds when you drop some serious history knowledge. FREE, all over Nashville.
  • Wednesday, January 19th: Positivity Rally – Basement East gets ahead of Inauguration Week with some good vibes. Stay out late and sleep until Saturday. $3, Basement East.
  • Saturday, January 21st: Zoo Run Run – There’s no better way to take in all the amazing animals at the Nashville Zoo than to run past them in a very large herd… er, group. $35 adults/$15 kids, Nashville Zoo.
  • All Week Long! Nashville Restaurant Week – Depending on your skills as a home-chef, every week may be restaurant week. But this week, it’s a whole lot cheaper than usual to support our locally owned joints.
  • Every Sunday: Foam Fighting – Game of Thrones fans! Brandish your foam swords and arrows for a day of LARPing. It’s a sport, right? FREE, Elmington Park.
  • Monday, January 23rd: Raising the Glass – Ok, so technically not this week, but it’s never too early plan to drink *ahem* LEARN about wine. $60, Epice.

The Loop is a weekly round-up of our favorite things to do, hear, see, and eat around town.

Photo by John Lamb.