Monday Link Roundup: 4/23/12

Hello Nashville, and welcome to your new and improved Bright & Early! You may have noticed that we occasionally (read: every day) have issues getting Bright & Early posted, well, bright & early. As much as we adore our readers repeatedly pointing out that 11am is not bright & early, it’s time to make a few format changes to the daily news roundups. Bright & Early is going away to give us more flexibility on the time of day we bring you the news, and we’re going to experiment with a more link-based format for the daily news.

Give us a few days, then let us know what you think via comment or email! We want to hear from you if you hate the changes we’re making (as we all know, the Internets hate change), but we’d appreciate civil, constructive feedback. We’re real, live people over here (more on that later). But enough with that. On to the news!

Photo by Paul Beavers.