The Catbird Seat, Unique Dining Above The Patterson House, Opens October 12

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the superbly creative team behind The Patterson House took their fresh, hand-crafted approach to cocktails and applied it to food? We have, and we’re about to find out. The Catbird Seat, located above The Patterson House at 1711 Division Street, opens on Wednesday, October 12. The Catbird Seat will accommodate just 30 diners a night at a large, U-shaped table with their critically-acclaimed chefs at the center, serving each diner a seven-course meal from seasonal, local (like… from the backyard local) ingredients. The unique dining experience will set you back $100 per person plus tax and a tip (and an extra $30 a person for drink pairings). Reservations have been open for a few weeks now, but to our surprise there were still a few spots open in October when we checked.

Checking out The Catbird Seat in the next few weeks? We’d love to hear from you in the comments, because let’s face it – our pockets aren’t exactly padded with that kind of cash. Still, we’re intrigued.

The Catbird Seat opens Wednesday, October 12 at 1711 Division Street. Reservations required.

Photo by The Catbird Seat.

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