Bright & (Not So) Early: Beat It Edition

Good morning, Nashville. If this doesn’t brighten up your Monday, we don’t know what will: A flash mob took over Broadway for a street performance of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” on Friday night, and we are so happy that there’s a video (and another video). Led by local musician Trent Dabbs, about 100 people showed up to participate, including Laura Bell Bundy. Things we learned from the news report: No one got run over, “it was like, so cool,” and goshdarnit, social media does it again.

Photo via Twitter by Lyndsay Rush.

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  • If the taproom is open normal bar hours and within walking distance of the rest of the Gulch, sounds like a win to me, for the city and for their business.

    • I think for now they’re going to keep the current taproom hours, but they’re open to expanding if the demand is there.

  • JonEric

    Walking distance from Cumming Station means I can dump the Flying Saucers bad service and get yazoo straight from the source!

  • jermscentral

    It’ll definitely put it in a better part of town, and in one more suitable to its clientele… but what will happen to their existing building at Marathon? Maybe Lightning 100 can move into it and create a kickass studio and office in one place instead of having the office be down the hall from the studio (with a photo company in between).

    • In the Yazoo blog post, Linus says he’s kicking around ideas for the current space. Pretty vague, but maybe we’ll see a Yazoo presence there still.