The Food Truck Invasion Continues: Yayo’s O.M.G., Love Shack Debut This Weekend

We propose a new drinking game: Every time a new food truck hits the streets in Nashville, everyone does a shot! If you’re playing along, we certainly hope you’re ready to get a little tipsy this weekend. Two new food trucks will roll out this weekend – Yayo’s O.M.G. and the Love Shack – and they’ll both be at Centennial Park, albeit at different events.

(No, we’re not changing our name to “Nashvillest: All you ever wanted to know about eating in Music City from Food Trucks,” even though it’s been suggested.)

If you’re as confused by the name as we were, Yayo’s O.M.G. makes a little more sense when you spell out the full name: Yayo’s Original Mexican Gourmet. Chef Yayo Jimenez brings Yayo’s to Nashville after successfully launching a similar truck in Miami, FL, and promises to serve “vintage Mexican foods with a modern twist.” Aside from taco trucks (of which we propose there can never be enough of), this will be the first mobile Mexican food truck in town, and far be it from us to decry anyone who wants to bring chips & salsa to our doorstep. Welcome to town, Chef Yayo. UPDATE: Yayo’s has posted their debut menu. Check it out!

Yayo’s O.M.G. debuts Saturday, June 18 at Musician’s Corner in Centennial Park from 3-6pm. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to find their daily locations after that!

Also joining the street food forces this weekend is the Love Shack, a giant psychedelic converted food-bus with Chefs Tom Neville and Mark Weber at the helm. You’ll find classic American (read: meaty and fried) dishes on the menu at the ‘Shack, including a smoked beef brisket Philly cheesesteak, a “Shack Stack” Angus burger stack and the Love Nest (their take on fried onions). And can we just talk about the dessert menu for a second? Those Creme Brulee doughnuts are calling our name.

We had the opportunity to taste test the Love Shack’s menu a few weeks ago, and have to say we were thoroughly impressed. Though the menu sounds heavy on the cholesterol, all of the food is sourced from the finest ingredients they can find (locally, when available). We also tried a delicious heirloom tomato salad topped with onions, feta and olives and served with fresh-baked flatbread, but no word on if that will make it on the menu for this weekend.

Love Shack debuts Friday – Sunday, June 17-19 at the American Artisan Festival in Centennial Park.

Oh, and did y’all hear about The Coffee Truck?