Nashville Yeti On Unicorns, Ke$ha, Cicadas, Food Trucks And Beer [Interviews]

Today on Nashvillest, we interview our new friend Nashville Yeti. We wanted to clear up some common misconceptions that people have about Yetis, and really, we just thought that interviewing a Yeti would be fun (it was). Have any more questions for Nashville Yeti? Maybe he’ll answer them on Facebook or Twitter.

Nashvillest: How did you come to be in Nashville, TN and how did you learn to speak and write English?

Yeti: Came to Nashville from the Himalayas for the March snowstorm (snowed 17 inches!) of 1892. Liked it here too much to leave! Mayor George Guild worked with me on my English before I enventually wrote the victory speech for Mayor William McCarthey in 1895.

Nashvillest: Who taught you to use Facebook and Twitter?

Yeti: I use the computers at the Nashville Public Library- the people there love to help the Yeti navigate the interwebs!

Nashvillest: What are some common misconceptions that the local and national media have about you?

Yeti: It’s not all December through February with me! Take me to a Sounds game, let me ride the jet ski with you, come on it’s summer baby! Also, I am not related to Bigfoot, we just have some of the same interests.

Nashvillest: How do you feel about other mythical creatures, like unicorns and Ke$ha? Are you more like peaceful mythical brethren, or is your existence competitive?

Yeti: I love unicorns, centaurs, and a handful of other zoology superstars. I was prematurely woken-up from hibernation during a Ke$ha sound-check, so I’m not too fond of it (it being Ke$ha.) Besides, recently she has turned a lot of people against fellow Nash-local Patrick Carney because of some jibber jabber he said about Lady Gaga. The thing is, he was not even serious; from what I understand the Black Keys drummer really only cares about 2 things: 1) Jamming out with his bro-man Danny and 2) endless shrimp at red lobster.

Nashvillest: What is the most hurtful thing someone has ever said to or about you?

Yeti: One time, I was called a gorilla. Oh, and some guy is always picking on me on twitter saying that the “Antioch Sasquatch” is cooler than me. I’m like, “Dude, there is no such thing!” [Editor's note: There may not be an Antioch Sasquatch, but maybe that guy is thinking about the Antioch Protest Chicken.]

Nashvillest: What is your favorite Nashville food truck?

Yeti: Call me old fashioned but I love a good ice cream truck.

Nashvillest: What are your thoughts about the local cicada invasion? Do you eat cicadas and if so, do you have a favorite recipe?

Yeti: The sweet sounds of singing cicadas serenades me to sleep (say that 5 times fast). Oh heavens no, I would never eat one! Unless of course it was chocolate covered and then they’re really quite delicious.

Nashvillest: What is your favorite beer?

Yeti: You want me to say Yeti Imperial Stout out of Colorado, but that’s just too obvious. I love a Yazoo on tap, preferably that “two dogs” one.

Nashvillest: From your Facebook pictures it looks like you are quite popular with the ladies. What are your strategies for attracting women?

Yeti: Kind smile, hairy palms, and a bombarding body odor…

Nashvillest: Is there anything else you would like the readers of Nashvillest to know about you?

Yeti: I AM the Nashvillest.


Thank you, Nashville Yeti, for taking the time to answer our questions. We’ll see you around!

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