Ready, Set, Go! How To Navigate The Country Music Marathon [Road Closures]

It’s Country Music Marathon time, and you know what that means. 30,000 friends, family and complete strangers will be taking over the streets of Nashville on foot for about half of the day on Saturday. Whether you’re running the marathon or heading out to cheer someone on, you’ll probably get caught up in some pretty nasty traffic if you don’t know where to go. We’ve got the full list of road closures as well as some additional resources here to keep you in the clear. And good luck to our running readers!


Country Music Marathon Road Closures Interactive Map
Nashville MTA Detour Schedule (PDF alert!)
No Parking Zones (PDF alert!)

Road Closures:

Closing Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

6am Wednesday – 7pm Saturday: 1st (whole road) from Woodland to Russell Street
6am Thursday – 7pm Saturday: Russell Street (whole road) from 2nd to Titans Way
6am Thursday – 7pm Saturday: Titans Way (whole road) from Russell Street to Victory Ave
6am Thursday – 7pm Saturday: Victory Ave (whole road) from 2nd to Titans Way

Closing Saturday, April 30

Freeway on & off ramps:
6:15am – 1:30pm: Metro Center/Rosa Parks Boulevard (I-65 N/S)
6:15am – 9:15am: Broadway (I-40 E/W)
6:15am – 9:30am: Demonbreun Street (I-40 E/W)

3am – 9am: West End (whole road) from 31st to 21st
6am – 9am: West End (whole road) from 21st to 16th
6am – 9:15am: Broadway (whole road) from 16th to 4th
6am – 9:15am: 4th Ave (whole road) from Broadway to Demonbreun
6am – 9:30am: Demonbreun (whole road) from 4th to the Music Row Roundabout
6am – 9:30am: Music Row Roundabout from Demonbreun to 17th
6am – 9:45am: 17th from the Music Row Roundabout to Magnolia
6am – 9:45am: Magnolia (southbound) from 17th to 18th
6am – 9:45am: 18th (whole road) from Magnolia to Portland Ave
6am – 9:45am: Portland Ave (whole road) from 18th to Belmont
6am – 10:30am: Belmont (whole road) from Portland Ave to Clifton Ln
6am – 10:30am: Clifton Ln (whole road) from Belmont to Granny White
6am – 11am: Granny White/12th (whole road) from Clifton Ln to Wedgewood
6am – 11am: Wedgewood (whole road) from Granny White/12th to Magnolia
6am – 11:15am: Magnolia (whole road) from Wedgewood to 16th
6am – 11:15am: 16th (whole road) from Magnolia to Division
6am – 11:15am: Division (whole road) from 16th to 12th
6am – 11:15am: 12th (whole road) from Division to 11th
6am – 11:45am: 11th (whole road) from 12th to Charlotte
6am – 11:45am: Charlotte (westbound) from 11th to 10th Circle N
6am – 11:45am: 10th Circle N (whole road) from Charlotte to Rosa Parks Blvd
6am – 12:30pm: Rosa Parks Blvd (southbound) from James Robertson Pkwy to Mainstream Dr
6am – 1:30pm: Rosa Parks Blvd (northbound) from James Robertson Pkwy to Mainstream Dr
6am – 12:15pm: Dominican Drive (whole road) from Rosa Parks Blvd to 9th
6am – 12:15pm: 9th/10th (whole road) from Dominican Drive to Rosa Parks Blvd
6am – 1:15pm: Jefferson St (whole road) from Rosa Parks Blvd to 6th
6am – 1:30pm: 6th (whole road) from Jefferson to James Robertson Pkwy
6am – 1:30pm: 7th (whole road) from Jefferson to James Robertson Pkwy
6am – 1:30pm: 5th (whole road) from Jefferson to James Robertson Pkwy
6am – 1:30pm: Harrison St (whole road) from Rosa Parks Blvd to 7th
6am – 1:30pm: James Robertson Pkwy (whole road) from Rosa Parks Blvd to 3rd
6am – 1:30pm: 3rd Ave (whole road) from James Robertson Pkwy to Union St
6am – 1:30pm: 4th Ave (whole road) from Charlotte Ave to Union St
6am – 1:30pm: Deaderick St (whole road) from 3rd to 4th
6am – 1:30pm: Union St (whole road) from 4th to Woodland St Bridge
6am – 3:45pm: Woodland St (whole road) from Woodland St Bridge to 12th
6am – 1:45pm: 11th (whole road) from Holly to Russell
6am – 1:45pm: 12th (whole road) from Woodland to Holly
6am – 1:45pm: Holly St (whole road) from 12th to 11th
6am – 2pm: Russell St (whole road) from 11th to 7th
6am – 2pm: 7th (whole road) from Russell to Fatherland
6am – 2pm: Fatherland (whole road) from 7th to 5th
6am – 3:45pm: 5th (whole road) from Woodland to Davidson
6am – 3:30pm: Davidson (whole road) from 5th to Shelby Park
6am – 3:15pm: All roads in Shelby Park closed

Click here for the closures in grid form (PDF alert!)

Photo by AmandaD_TX.

  • Glenn

    I bet the mall wishes it could muster $187 of profit per square foot. No, that’s sales/sqft. Not profit.

  • jermscentral

    Good riddance. You know your mall goes downhill when Steve & Barry’s moves in, and you know it’s a goner when Steve & Barry’s can’t even get business there. If there was more done to make it less of a ghetto hangout, I’m sure they would be fine. I remember going there all the time in high school when it was clean and pretty safe; now I won’t set foot in there.

    And you know the only reason they have a police “recruiting station” there is so they can have an excuse to have officers in the facility for the daily/weekly gang activity.

    • Jeremy,

      The mall is toast because Antioch (and LaVergne) are dead. They are subprime suburbs (with a healthy dose of Section 8) and now that we’ve reached peak credit… foreclosures are gonna go crazy, and people can’t go max out their credit cards at Hot Topic and Foot Locker.

      I say stay away from the south east side. In 10 years, it will be an abandoned wasteland of vacant track homes, strip malls, and gangs.

      • Kat coble

        I think you mean tract homes