Bright & Early: Something About Snow Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Not to state the obvious, but it snowed again last night. Since that’s all anyone seems to be talking about on the internet, we’re going to spend most of this post talking about it too. You’ve been warned! The 2 inches of snow that blanketed Nashville yesterday afternoon and evening have predictably caused a bit of chaos on our roads. Low temperatures persisted throughout and after the snowfall, causing black ice and slick roads. The kids got another snow dayAnd the low temperatures are not going away. But not to worry! Kroger’s dedicated Storm Teams are working around the clock, overstocking their shelves with bread, milk, eggs and ground beef so that our snowed-in selves will not perish in the snowpocalypse (if you can get to the nearest Kroger, at least). P.S.: There might be another storm on the way.

Photo by Wonderdawg77.