Happy Hour: One Cup To Rule Them All

  • The big World Cup announcement happens tomorrow at 10am which is when we find out whether or not the US will host the 2022 World Cup. If so, Nashville is in the running to be the host city and we don’t have to tell you how much that would mean to our local economy (and to our soccer fans, and to the vuvuzela industry.) [WSMV]
  • The Metro Council is holding a special meeting to figure out how exactly a Metro IT person accidentally wiped the hard drives of 509 city computers last month and how to make sure it never happens again. [WSMV]
  • There are some billboards popping up around town warning us that Jesus is going to come back on May 21st of next year. This just about lines up with that other story about the massive earthquake we’re going to experience sometime soon! [Tennessean]
  • Sorry, Spring Hill. No pet chickens for you. [Tennessean]
  • Fisk University will be appealing last month’s ruling about the sale of their Georgia O’Keefe art collection. The ruling specifies that they can only use $10 million of the $30 million that would potentially coming from the sale and must put the other $20 million into a private endowment fund. [City Paper]
  • The Department of Transportation reports that 12 people were killed in traffic accidents over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, which is an increase over last year’s 10. Buckle up, folks. [WTVF]

Photo by ncjc212.