Happy Hour: Hey Look, It’s Dark Outside

  • The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce released a report today saying that Mayor Karl Dean’s plan to redevelop the State Fairgrounds into a more corporate-friendly space could bring in 6,500 and $2.5 billion for us. [City Paper]
  • There’s also a pretty hefty mixed-use development going in on Elliston at 23rd Avenue. We just hope it includes something awesome, like another froyo shop as we don’t have quite enough of those. [Nashville Post]
  • Another week, another high school teacher busted by a student’s cell phone video. [WSMV]
  • The federal government busted up an underaged sex trafficking ring run by Somali gang members based out of Minnesota. The ring allegedly had a heavy presence in South Nashville and 29 people were arrested. [Tennessean]
  • Coach Fisher assures us that there is “no risk whatsoever” involved in acquiring Randy Moss (unless, of course, you are a widemouth bass.) [Tennessean]
  • Our city is full of attractive people, according to Huffington Post. We would tend to agree. [Huffington Post]

Photo by Dan W. Brown.

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