Tuesday: Rock And Roll Movie Night At Mercy Lounge

Missing Movies In The Park already? Can’t wait for August’s 2nd Saturday at the Belcourt? Mercy Lounge is bridging the gap with their own free big-screen movie night this Tuesday after Rock and Roll Team Trivia. Bring a team for trivia at 7pm (winners emerge with a hefty chunk of change to spend at the bar), then stay for the premiere Rock and Roll Movie Night at 9pm, featuring a screening of Rock ‘n’ Roll High School (and an encore screening of Head, if enough people stick around). Free movies, free parking and even free popcorn sound like the perfect ingredients for cheap-yet-fun summer entertainment to us!

If Rock and Roll Movie Night is a success, we could see it become a regular staple at Mercy Lounge. So if you’re a fan of rock ‘n’ roll, a fan of movies or even just a fan of free stuff to do on a Tuesday night, head out to Mercy Lounge tomorrow night for a good time.

Photo by Smaku.

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