Happy Hour: Get Out Of The Gutter

  • A woman was reportedly “not surprised, but amused” when Coffee County issued her a license plate ending with the letters “WTF.” And for the record, the Tennessee Department of Revenue will replace these plates for free, but they doubt the letters are really that offensive because “not everyone has their mind in the gutter.” Well, except us because we’re still giggling. [Tennessean]
  • Who knew that any part of Tennessee was actually less soggy than usual? The folks in Montgomery County are actually three inches below average for the month of May year. [WSMV]
  • Just as everyone and their mother (and the governor, of course) predicted, the state Senate voted to override Governor Phil’s veto of the new “guns in bars” bill. [WKRN]
  • Paul McCartney will be paying Music City a visit for the first time, finally, on July 26th. Though we feel it’s somewhat of a travesty that he hasn’t ever played here before, we’ll take it. Tickets go on sale on June 7th at 10am. [Tune In Music City]
  • Governor Phil wants to remind us all that we shouldn’t get too comfortable after one month of collecting more revenue than expected, because the recession is not over. Guess we’ll have to roll up our “Mission Accomplished” banner and stuff it back in the closet for now. [WPLN]

Photo by wjb13.

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