Celebrate Independent Record Stores At Record Store Day This Saturday

It’s that weekend in April when everything happens at the same time (at least Rites of Spring held off until next weekend this year, right?). Record Store Day is this Saturday, and things are probably going to get a little wild at the indie record store of your choosing. Exclusive releases, live music, lots of beer, food and discount music are the typical highlights of the day, and this year is no different. Though it seems that Grimey’s learned from last year’s Avett-Brothers-and-Mute-Math-induced-pandemonium and booked some lower-key entertainment this year, the live music lineups across the board are solid… and free.

The Groove:
10:00 Store opens to public

Outside Live Music:
12:00 Daniel Pujol
1:00 Illnana
1:50 Danger & The Steel Cut Oats
2:45 Emmylou Harris
3:15 The Grayces
4:15 Chris Crofton
5:15 The Distribution
6:15 Outlaw Lovers
7:10 Hans Condor

Inside Live Music:
8:00 Tristen
8:50 Tallest Trees

10am – Store opens to the public
11am – DJB (guest DJ)
12noon – How Cozy (Southern Girls R’n’R band)
12:30 – SKiPP (guest DJ)
1pm – Bows & Arrows (great local band releasing exclusive 7″ for RSD)
1:30 – D-Funk (guest DJ)
2pm – The Coolin’ System (killer organ-fueled soul jazz w/ horns and a new 7″)
2:30 – DJ Jack (guest DJ)
3pm – Alex Chilton Tribute (Eef from Clem Snide and Grimey have an awesome tribute to our fallen hero in store for you from the Box Tops to Big Star)
3:30 – DJ C Havighurst (guest DJ from WSM muso-journo/Music City Roots)
4pm – John Cowan (brand new album The Massenburg Sessions out now)
4:30 – Nashville’s Dead (guest bloggers DJ set)
5pm – Daniel Pujol (fast-breaking Infinity Cat artist w/ exclusive RSD 7″)
5:30 – Pimp Daddy Supreme (need I say more?)
6pm – American Bang (releasing exclusive RSD 7″ w/ new album on Warners due soon)
6:30 – DJ SRC (guest DJ)

Third Man Records
12-2: Shop is open to buy your copper colored BBS record and any other sweet vinyl and novelties…
2:15 – 2:45: Raffle and Auction
3:00: Racontwoers (two members of the Raconteurs reunite) perform live in the Third Man venue, get your Black and Blue ticket after the show in the shop!

The Groove is also giving away a guitar autographed by Emmylou Harris, among other things, and offering 15% off all new items and 25% off all used items during the day. Grimey’s will play host to the Yazoo truck and screen films in The Basement all day, and you never know what fun goodies you might pick up in the back lot. Third Man Records is raffling off Raconteurs go-karts for charity, peddling Las Paletas and promising DJs and lots of fun. And don’t forget to swing by The Great Escape to check out their Record Store Day sale, with vinyl 20% off, selected EPs for $0.50 and other bargain treats throughout the day.