Gwyneth Paltrow Blows Our Cover (And We Kind Of Like It)

So it was really cool and awesome and fun last week when Gwyneth Paltrow used her GOOP newsletter to let everyone know how great Nashville is, right? We’re glad she enjoyed her stay here while filming the new movie Love Don’t Let Me Down with Tim McGraw, and we have to admit she has great taste.

She talks about the staples – the Ryman, Grand Ole Opry, Station Inn and The Loveless Cafe.

She ventures outside of the tourist books to enjoy some of our favorites – The Family Wash, Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack (okay, we’re a little skeptical that she actually tried this one, but whatever!), City House, Whiskey Kitchen, Margot and The Patterson House.

She drank coffee at all of our favorite spots – Ugly Mugs, Frothy Monkey, Bongo Java and Fido (even if she did weirdly refer to Fido as the restaurant inside Bongo Java).

And she even spent some time learning about our local products and the places that sell them – Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Co., Drew’s Brews and the Turnip Truck.

And then, GOOP Does Nashville Part Duex hit our inboxes this morning. This lady is hardcore! In addition to heaping glowing praises on Imogene + Willie as “one of the coolest stores I have ever been to,” Ms. Paltrow covers the other half of Broadway that she didn’t manage to fit in the first newsletter (Hatch Show Print, Gruhn Guitars), Green Hills boutiques (Two Elle, H. Audrey), everyone’s favorite independent record shop (we’ll let you take a wild guess on that one), The Carl Von Vechten Gallery at, um, “Fist University” (we had to), Nashville musicians and an exhausting list of fun places for kids. Whew.

We have to wonder though… Did Gwyneth Paltrow actually work while she was in town? We haven’t been to half of these places, and we live here! We kid, we kid. We’re especially grateful to Ms. Paltrow for giving some of Nashville’s lesser-known gems a chance to shine, and for that, we’d welcome her back any day.

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