Happy Hour: We Have A Twittergate!

  • Councilman Jamie Hollin, the District 5 Metro councilman, has taken to the blogosphere when it comes to the whole to-twitter-or-not-to-twitter debate. After a Council attorney advised that tweeting during Metro Council meetings could be a violation of the Open Meetings Act, Councilman Hollin is putting the question to his constituents. [Jamie Hollin via Post Politics]
  • Councilman Erik Cole, meanwhile, continues to tweet circles around the rest of the council. Non-deliberatively, of course. [@district7]
  • And now the councilmen are chattering back and forth on Twitter about outfoxing the Twitter police. These are the moments we live for in local politics. [@jrhollin]
  • Oh, but Council attorney John Cooper (whose words incited the Twitter panic in the first place) claims he never said that council members couldn’t tweet; they just can’t deliberate. This is what everyone has been saying all day long. [Post Politics]
  • And moving onto some non-Twitter news, you can now warm up your car in peace. But only if you have a remote starter. [WKRN]
  • Congrats to Williamson County as they are now the healthiest county in the state. [WSMV]
  • And a bigger congrats to our city because we finally achieved temperatures above freezing today. [Nashville WX]

Photo by bdesham.

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