Happy Hour: So It Begins

  • School districts are already shutting down in anticipation of this, #TheSituation2010, including all the usual suspects: Davidson, Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson, Sumner, and just about every other district in the midstate. Here we go! [WKRN]
  • Local and national weather-folk are predicting anywhere from 1 to 12 inches of snow, though we’re most commonly seeing projected amounts of about 4 to 6″. And fun and games aside, we could see as much as a 1/2-inch of ice caked on roads, trees and powerlines before the snow starts falling. So before you start making fun of Nashville drivers and Hoarders Of Bread And Milk, be sure you’re covered in the event that things do get nasty. [NashvilleWX]
  • Metro is still on the fence about what they’re going to do about Tent City, a semi-permanent homeless encampment near downtown. Though Mayor Dean opted not to shut it down last year as originally planned, city officials are examining some other housing options, citing safety as the primary issue. [WSMV]
  • As of July, there will be an extra $2 tax on tickets to events at LP Field including Titans games, which will hopefully help them keep the facility looking pretty. [City Paper]
  • PS: Weheardtheremightbeanactualsnowballfightthistime. [The Facebooks]

Photo by wjb13.

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