Happy Hour: Is There Anything That Isn’t Frozen?

  • In addition to Snowpocalypse and Icemageddon, Green Hills suffered from the Great Internet Outage of ‘10 when the weather took out AT&T’s DSL service for the entire afternoon. Thank goodness for Comcast … ? [City Paper]
  • The 70-year Turner Sausage Plant in Lebanon went up in a fiery explosion today and the building was deemed unsalvageable. Firefighters apparently had a rough time battling the blaze “due to the building’s age and the years of fat and grease built up from producing sausage.” Yech. [WKRN]
  • A cute, cuddly kitty was finally plucked out of the Clarksville tree in which it had been stuck for five days and seems to be doing alright, albeit a little bit hoarse from all the hollering. Props to the persistent woman who kept calling news stations and rescue squads for making sure this story had a happy ending. [Nashville Is Talking]
  • More than 50 water mains have broken in the past few days due to freezing temperatures causing water to expand and pipes to burst. Metro says this is the worst winter for pipes since 1989. [WKRN]
  • TDOT is still working hard to put East Tennessee back together after the series of rockslides last month, but the one in Chattanooga that’s currently blocking US Highway 64 won’t be clear until March 31. [Tennessean]
  • Tennessee’s number of bankruptcy filings increased by 20 percent last year. [WZTV]

Photo by c. marie photography.

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