Happy Hour: Dividing And Conquering

  • Roane County has made quick work of the $43 million given to them by the TVA as a peace offering for spilling 5 million cubic yards of toxic nastiness all over Kingston. Most of the money will be going towards schools, and the remainder will be set aside for roads, sewers, libraries, and a new arts center. [WSMV]
  • The numbers are in and it looks like we had our second-wettest September in recorded history, coming up about 0.35″ shy of the record set in 1979. [WTVF]
  • The Music City Star commuter train could be adding a new stop in Lakewood and will be conducting a two-week trial period to see if there’s enough interest. [WTVF]
  • Our friends over at the Scene made the priceless discovery that tickets for Creed’s Sommet Center appearance have been dropped to $7.79 which, as they point out, is actually cheaper than buying a beer at the venue. Ouch! [Nashville Cream]

Photo by peppysis.

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