New Nashville Eateries & Ninety Percent Off At

We’ve talked about before, but a quick flip through their Nashville-area gift certificate offers was a pleasant surprise for us this afternoon. A handful of our favorite places have been added to the discount site, where you can get $25 gift certificates for just $10 every day. Why were we casually browsing this afternoon? Why, to use our 90% off discount code, of course! Today through September 13, use discount code NINETY to receive 90% off your order. $25 gift certificates are just $1, $50 gift certificates are $2, and a high-rollin’ $100 gift certificate is a whopping $4 during the promotion.

Yes, there’s a catch. Sort of. These gift certificates do expire, usually a year from the date of purchase, and most (if not all) of them have minimum purchase amounts and are not redeemable for alcohol. Most of the $25 gift certificates are valid on a minimum order of $35, which is still a pretty great deal, but read the fine print before you purchase!

Formerly, the site listed very few options in Nashville, but some of the newer offers at are Pied Piper Eatery, Zavos, Taste of Russia, Bronte Bistro at Davis-Kidd, Chinatown Restaurant, Ken’s Sushi and Mad Platter. The gift certificates do sell out, and we’ll race you to them!

9/9/09 really is a magical day.