9/9/09 Is A Magical Baja Burrito Birthday [Freebies]

Oh, happy day. After having our fill of fast food freebies, our hometown staple Baja Burrito is turning nine years old on today, the ninth day of the ninth month of the two-thousandth-and-ninth year. Happy Birthday to Baja Burrito! To celebrate, they’re giving away food. For free. We’ve always had quite the love affair with Baja Burrito, and we’d gladly pay the eight bucks for one of their burritos… But if you know us, you know we won’t be refusing any free food today!

Baja Burrito is open from 11am-9pm today, and the free food is available on a first come, first served basis. Drinks, queso (appetizers) and paletas are not included, but the real food is fair game. If you stop by early in the day, report back on the lines and availability.

[Thanks to… oh, just about everyone for the tip.] Photo via LikeMe.net.