Baja Fish Taco: Sounds Weird, Tastes Delicious? [Freebies]


In keeping with the fast food freebies theme, Long John Silver’s is offering a free Baja Fish Taco today in honor of what they have creatively dubbed Free Baja Fish Taco Day. The Baja Fish Taco is a new offering from Long John Silver’s, and with a glowing slogan like “Sounds Weird, Tastes Delicious,” who wouldn’t want to try one of these puppies? You’ll save the wallet-breaking amount of $0.99!

Find your local Long John Silver’s here, but we’re pretty sure there are additional Long John Silver’s in town that aren’t showing up on the map for whatever reason. Offer good at participating Long John Silver’s (that means call ahead!) from open until 2:30pm today. If you’re crazy and wild enough to try a fast food Baja Fish Taco, report back on your adventures in the comments. Thanks to Chris Williams for the tip!

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