The Official Nashvillest 2009 CMApocalypse Bingo Card

Well, after a gruelling decision-making process, we’re awarding the fine prize of a $20 gift card to The Perch to Elizabeth Lee and Jessie Gilmore for their joint submission (they can fight over the prize)! It was really a three-way tie, so we flipped a few coins. Congratulations to Elizabeth & Jessie!

We received a large list of some hilarious submissions which we’ve used to compile The Official Nashvillest CMApocalypse 2009 Bingo Card. Go ahead, download it and take a trip downtown for some fun! 

Check out the submissions from Elizabeth & Jessie, Beth and Thomas by clicking on their names.

Large 2009 CMApocalypse Bingo
Medium 2009 CMApocalypse Bingo
Small 2009 CMApocalypse Bingo

Thanks for playing!