Nashville Rollergirls Last Home Bout [Nashvillest PSA]: It Will Sell Out, Dummies

The Nashville Rollergirls are back at home this Saturday for another sure-to-sell-out bout at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds, their last WFTDA-sanctioned home bout of the season. Nashville, here’s the thing. Every month, we tell you to buy your tickets in advance. And every month, we’ve got someone whining to us that they didn’t get in at the door. Roller derby is no longer the underground event that it once was, if Nicole Kidman showing up to a recent Nashville bout wasn’t enough of a clue. So please, get your tickets ahead of time and spare yourself the anguish of sending us a whiny tweet. Please.

Also of note: Our Rollergirls are ranked 7th in the South Central division, their first time in the top 10, which also gives them a great shot at going to the regional tournaments this September. We’re crossing our fingers for them to break into the top 5, so come on out to show them some love.

Nashville Rollergirl All-Stars vs. Huntsville Dixie Derby Girls. Saturday, May 16, 7pm. Tickets are $10 or $15 at the door (but what did we tell you about that door?!).

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