Forbes Declares Nashville 9th Most Dangerous City [Mixed Reviews By People Who Don’t Live Here]

Happy Saturday, Nashville! We awoke to find that Forbes has bestowed upon our beautiful city the title of America’s 9th Most Dangerous City. Looks like we even beat out New Orleans, who came in 11th, and Philadelphia at #15! Forbes used violent crime statistics from the FBI’s 2008 uniform crime report to create their list of America’s Most Dangerous Cities. We’re just excited that we’re not in Memphis (ranked #2). Thanks to @northrup for the tip!

  1.  Detroit, MI
  2.  Memphis, TN
  3.  Miami, FL
  4.  Las Vegas, NV
  5.  Stockton, CA
  6.  Orlando, FL
  7.  Little Rock, AR
  8.  Charleston, SC
  9. Nashville, TN
  10. Baltimore, MD
  11. New Orleans, LA
  12. Baton Rouge, LA
  13. West Palm Beach, FL
  14. Charlotte, NC
  15. Philadelphia, PA
Photo by barjack