Nashville Mass Transit Week: April 13-19

Today marks the beginning of Nashville’s Mass Transit Week, a week dedicated to introducing folks in Nashville to that foreign idea called Taking The Bus (no, not a tour bus), as well as “raising awareness of the benefits of regional mass transit options for the people living in the Nashville area” (via Transit Now Nashville). For each day of the week, Transit Now Nashville has created either an event or an actionable goal for Nashvillians who would like to learn and participate more in mass transit options around town. 

So take the pledge to ride the bus this week as we take steps as a community to improve our somewhat dismal public transportation system. It starts with us, right? 

P.S. – If you need a little help getting excited about hopping on the bus, give their catchy new jingle a listen. Who could hate the bus after that?!

Photo by Paul Nicholson