Expedia Takes Batman Building To Mars [April Fools]

Let us make one thing clear – We are simply reporting on someone else’s April Fools joke, not taking part in any tomfoolery of our own. Now that we have that out of the way, we’d like to take you to examine Expedia’s April Fools joke, flights & hotels to Mars. Look around closely. Does anything look familiar to you? Check out Hotel Package #4, the Utopia Spa & Resort from $53,086.00. Is it looking more familiar now? Yes folks, that is the AT&T tower in downtown Nashville, aka the Batman building, also apparently doubling up as the Utopia Spa & Resort on Mars! We never knew! And it sounds like a great place to stay, too:

Revel in the idyllic setting of the Utopia Spa & Resort. Find peace of mind millions of miles from home with spa treatments unique to Mars, including the Martian heated rock massage and Martian-mud red facial. Tours of the nearby space shipyard are available via appointment only.

Photo  by Exothermic. Thanks to Matt W. for the tip!